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About me and parchment craft


My name is Wendy (Shu-chuan), born and grown up in Taiwan, R.O.C., married to my very "Dutch "Gerard for 19 years now.

We both love nature and since 1990 luckily we are living in a green reservation area called Oisterwijk, which is located in the south of Holland; there you can stroll, ride bicycle in the forest or along the lakes all year around. Often when I enjoy the beauty of nature, I wish I could capture some touching moments on paper and review them all as often as I want to. This dream has come true since last Christmas!

I received some very beautiful parchment cards from my sister, which were made by herself; immediately that brought back all the good old memories of our childhood; when we sat together at one tiny study desk, cutting up all of "today's" newspapers into birds and flowers, driving our parents more than just mad!

At once I went to hobby shops in the neighbourhood, collected all Pergamano products they could offer and spent my holidays throughout the new millennium making cards, bookmarks, boxes, flowers. I was (and still am) hopelessly addicted to this craft and have started to create some of my own patterns. After few monthes of practicing the results of creativity were quite contented. A hidden ability of me was discovered.

Instructions inside the Pergamano books and surfing on the internet pages made me yearn to learn about more advanced cutting and painting skills; with the thought of "Why wouldn't I share this wonderful experience with others by passing on the craft to more people!" I decided to join basic Pergamano courses, directed by regional co-ordinator Ank Duijster. In September 2000, after few monthes of effective training and hard practices, Ank has approved my basic techniques and sent me to the annual I.P.C.A. teacher's training (click here to view my presentation folder), which courses were directed by master teacher Martha Ospina, registered senior teacher Wilma Bloemen and company director Peter Venema. The result is known. THANKS ANK!

Beside teaching courses, my passion to this craft continues by learning more advanced techniques and creating more patterns. I look forward to many workshops yet to come with other approved teachers; afterall, it is fun to share experiences and have good times with friends who have same interest, right?!

Oct., 2000

My Parchment teaching courses

Followings are my approved teaching courses at the moment:

Basic Technique Courses (including tracing, embossing, perforating, cutting and basic painting techniques with Tinta, Tinta Pearl, Pintura, Pinta Perla, Perga colors, etc.)

Painting with Perga liners

Painting with Perga Color Exclusive (p.c.e.)

Dresden flower

Realistic flowers in Parchment paper

3 D (3 dimensions patterns, boxes, decorations)

Stamps on Parchment paper

All courses can be given in one of the following languages: English, Dutch or Chinese.

If you live in or near Oisterwijk and are interested to learn more about or join the courses, please contact me by e-mail.