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Creative with Parchment Paper


"Pergamano" is the brand name for the large assortment of materials, tools, books and courses for the fascinating hobby "parchment craft". With parchment paper you can create greeting cards, mural decorations, boxes, lampshades, realistic flowers and other decorative works of art.


Parchment craft is a creative hobby whereby by means of various materials different cards and pieces of work are constructed on parchment paper. This parchment paper can be contemplated to be a kind of imitation parchment. The paper is transparent and has a light grey colour. Because the paper is very strong it can be modeled in various ways without causing damage to the paper. Patterns can be transferred on the parchment paper with the so-called Pergamano mapping pen and Tinta ink. Then these patterns can be painted with selected materials (Perga-Liners, Perga-Colors, Pintura, or Pinta-Perla).

Finally it is possible to make decorative borders along cards and pieces of work with so-called perforating pens, emboss pens, scissors and other Pergamano attributes. The degree of difficulty of de various paint- and prick techniques varies and with that makes the hobby appropriate for beginners as well as for advanced persons.


Of course, good material is the basis to practice each hobby. For that reason Pergamano International B.V. already for more than ten years invests in research, development and guarding the quality of hobby articles for parchment craft. Continuously a skilled "Design Group" is working on new Pergamano products or improvement of old products. The materials vary from parchment paper, paints, inks and brushes to books, files for patterns, stamps and various perforating and emboss pens. Ultimately the quality of the products is seen back clearly in the result.


Next to the use of good materials a native explanation of the various techniques and the right use of the materials is essential. This explanation you can find in various Pargamano books, which have been published over the years. However, you may consider to take classes at an approved Pergamano teacher. Approved Pergamano teachers have received a teacher's training at the International Parchment Craft Academy. Also in the skills of the teachers, the quality, which is so important at Pergamano, has been secured. Often courses take place at the teacher's home or inside a club-house.

Naturally, it will be most pleasant to master the hobby and, beside it, to meet people with the same interest. An other advantage of taking classes is that you always will know the ins and outs of the latest materials and techniques. Namely, approved Pergamano teachers continuously are kept informed of this.

Moreover, they regularly take re-schooling at the International Parchment Craft Academy.